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Set Down, latch on, pullover ’bout 10K# to make sure you’re latched. Set down three-thousand; Whip it to the right, hold the torque, pull up 10K# over string weight. Take off the wrench, and pull 20-25K# – go have a coca-cola – come back down, sink the joint, and come out of the hole. Make sure you have good ‘back-ups’ so you don’t rotate, and don’t over-run the collars.

Exercise a little patience to let the elements relax after you release them; don’t be in a hurry. Don’t forget to “sink the joint” meaning go down past the setting depth to make sure you actually have the packer on the end of the tubing, and that you have free movement.

The same applies to releasing retrievable bridge plugs with wireline - make sure you have about 500 psi over the bottom hole pressure (hydrostatic included). While latching on, watch the wellhead pressure for a change - and wait. Sink it down and make sure you have it, and look for the expected weight change while coming out.